Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

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To possess a Hermes silk scarf is the dream of every girl. From the first silk scarf Jeu des Omnibus et des Dames Blanches to the fashion silk scarf in 2011 La Legende du Poisson Corail, Hermes embraces a trial and hardship course of 160 years. As a French classic brand, Hermes silk scarf always takes delicacy and perfection as the principle of brand value. With pursuit of craft uniqueness and contemporary design inspiration, Hermes is telling the 2011 annual theme Contemporary Handicraft Master.
In 1937, the first Hermes silk scarf, which was inspired by caballero coat, came into being. The making processes include numerous delicate handicrafts. From its design to the completion, seven strict processes must be obeyed. From theme concept to draft confirmation, from pattern depiction to color analysis, from color combination to color printing, from color polish to manual working, from quality inspection to packing, every step is under careful selection. Each silk scarf can be mostly applied with 40 colors; however, distinct layers of color difference are quite outstanding due to its accurate process, costing about a long but deserving time of 18 months. Meticulous lines and elegant patterns are the consistent style of Hermes silk scarves. To possess a Hermes silk scarf is to possess a unique artwork which is worthy of collecting.
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The 2011 Hermes silk scarf collection aims to describing an exciting world and showing to all of us. Lively horse, dreamlike clouds, fancy embroidery, magnificent brocade and so forth all enable us to be surprised at its manual elaborations. At the back of every silk scarf, there is a beautiful historic story related to its design inspiration, 3 of which are introduced here.
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The first one is Silk Words whose designer is Virginie Jamin. The inspiration comes from a game created by surrealists. Every participant writes a word on a paper and then folds the paper to avoid being seen by other people and then pass the paper on to next person. At last, a sentence that is composed of these words will be a very strange one. Words game is released on this silk scarf. The actual meaning of words like butterfly, cocoon and thread is that every silk
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